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[Séminaire TransNum] Digital Growth Startegy
In a recent collective book, Anke Hassel and Bruno Palier proposes to analyse government economic and social policies and reforms with the notion of growth strategies, ie “a (relatively coherent) series of decisions and reforms, taken by either governments or producers' groups (economic and social actors) in order to boost growth and stimulate job creation in a specific nation, and the rationale for these decisions”.
During this session of our seminar on “Digital Transitions” (in French “Transition Numériques”), we will apply this notion to the policy instruments, goals and motivations developed by various governments in order to adjust their national economy to the digital transformation of capitalism, boost digitalization and favour national actors and sectors. We will look at the German and Italian cases, and also compare various strategies to boost Skill intensive services jobs in countries entering the digital, knowledge based economy.

Mar 26, 2021 02:30 PM in Paris

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